Why am I not able to find 4.1 firmware for IAP92/93?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Instant cluster running IAP 92/93


Answer : IAP-92/93 is NOT SUPPORTED in Instant IAP-92/93 will be supported in Instant for the rest of the 4.1 release cycle, but with some features disabled such as AirGroup, SNMP, internal 802.1x, EAP Termination, WiFi uplink and apprf. IAP-92/93 customers requiring these features should stay on Instant is available only after 4.1). 

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Hello, Can anyone help me update Aruba IAP 103. while automatic update, i am getting "no response from the server"

Above article is related to AP 93 and is not applicable to AP 103. Please ensure you have Internet connectivity and DNS, HTTP & HTTPS are allowed to the internet.


Other option you have is to download the image locally and upgrade the software. If you are not able to proceed further, please contact TAC.


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