Why "Name" value isn't displayed for some clients in Instant Dashboard?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : Instant AP deployment with SSID configured.


Hostname information isn't displayed under  Clients section of Instant User Interface.

Example :


rtaImage (2).jpg


The Name filed displays different information based on the type of SSID.

For PSK clients (no other authentication along with it) - The hostname is displayed and it is picked up from DHCP option sent by client.

For MAC Auth / 802.1x /Captive Portal clients,  username used to login is picked up during authentication and displayed.

In all scenarios; the information is provided by the client to be displayed by the interface.


For PSK clients; confirm if client sends DHCP option 12 by taking a packet capture on the client.




For Captive Portal clients / MAC Auth / 802.1x; confirm if client has passed authentication. If client hasn't passed authentication; then it's expected to have "Name" field blank.

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