With Instant AP, can clients discover devices in connected cluster when roam from home to foreign cluster ? How to configure and troubleshoot?

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Aruba Employee

With Airgroup 1.0 version, part of earlier InstantOS release, when a client roams from Cluster-1 to Cluster-2 it cannot discover the devices present in the Cluster-2, because the client was anchored to the home cluster. It would not discover the devices present in the foreign cluster.

With Airgroup 1.1 version, part of InstantOS, we have introduced location priority, where the roamed clients could discover the devices present in the connected cluster. 

We need to disable "Airgroup across mobility domains" knob inorder to make use of Airgroup services in the foreign clusters when the client roams.


Moving across Instant Clusters i.e from Home Cluster to Foreign CLuster is L3 roaming.


Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Point running Aruba InstantOS or later.


Following are the steps to disable Airgroup across Mobility domains using GUI and CLI:
  • Login to web Interface
  • From the main menu, point to More and click Services
  • On the Airgroup tab, enable the checkbox for "Enable Airgroup" 
  • Under airgroup settings, enable the checkbox for "Enable Airgroup across mobility domains"
  • Click OK.

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From CLI:


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Airgroup configuration can be verified using the command "Show airgroup status"  from Command line interface. 


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When a client roams from Cluster-1 to Cluster-2 and if it cannot discover the devices present in the Cluster-2, then below commands would help to understand the status of the Airgroup and troubleshoot accordingly.


# Show airgroup cache <Client Mac-address>

This command displays airgroup cache details for the IAP client.

#Show airgroup servers

List of Airgroup server details would be listed out with the above command.

#Show airgroup users

Shows the list of airgroup users

#Show airgroup vlan | include <vlan-id>

This command shows if the particular vlan is allowed for airgroup.

(NOTE: Do not execute "show airgroup vlan" command, as it continues to shows the status for all the 4094 Vlans and it would therefore take much time)

# show airgroup debug statistics

Displays out the details regarding Airgroup counters.
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