fail-fw-des-not-found in Aruba Activate

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MVP Expert

Why do we see the error fail-fw-des-not-found in Aruba Activate ?


When there is a image mismatch between the VC and the slave then the slave IAP would contact the activate server to upgrade to the same image as the VC. 

When the slave IAP contacts Activate server to upgrade the image and if the image is not found then it will throw up the error fail-fw-des-not-found. 


We will see the following error under view device history. 


11/08/17 19:49 firmware-upgrade   fail-fw-des-not-found
11/08/17 19:40 firmware-upgrade   fail-fw-des-not-found
11/08/17 19:31 firmware-upgrade   fail-fw-des-not-found
11/08/17 19:22 firmware-upgrade   fail-fw-des-not-found
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