"Cloud First” principal to the UAP discovery feature


What is Cloud First principal to the UAP discovery feature?


Prior to the Factory Default UAP will firstly perform the UAP discovery locally by itself and only turn to Activate (cloud) for the instructions after the local discovery fails. 


Post and, we will make the UAP regardless Factory Default or configured try to retrieve the provisioning rules from activate at first when it is booting up.


Functional Description:


  1. When the AP (Factory Default or configured) boots up, it will try to connect to Activate which is the portal of the cloud service to retrieve the provisioning rules.  If there is no rule for the AP, then turn to local discovery to detect the existing AMP server or controller.


  1. When AP retrieves the provisioning rule from activate, it will save this rule into flash.  Next time, if the AP could not connect to Activate again and could not find AMP, it will make use of this saved provision rule.


  1. Every AP in a cluster will go to activate to retrieve the provision rule. For the convert provision rule, it will take effect to every AP regardless if it is master or slave. Otherwise, if the rule is a central or amp one, the rule master retrieved from Activate will take effect for the whole cluster.


  1. Every AP in a cluster will periodically try to connect to Activate, if the provision rule is changed, the Aps will follow above rule 3) to apply the new provision rule.
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