what do the LEDs in AP / IAP 175 signify?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- What do the LED's on IAP 175 signify?
Is the LED behavior different for Mesh point, Mesh portal, non-Mesh AP?

Environment- Contents of this article have been tested on Aruba OS 6.4 and Instant OS

Answer- The LEDS on the Aruba AP 175 are for general diagnostics and do not replace the internal show commands for troubleshooting. The LEDs display sthe RSSI of another AP (Aruba / non Aruba) or client. The LEDs display differs for different AP roles:

1. For mesh portal radio:
a. If AP has mesh children, RSSI will be the max RSSI of all connected mesh children.
b. If no link with any mesh point, RSSI will be 0.
2. For mesh point radio:
a. If no mesh parent link, RSSI will be 0.
b. If there is a mesh parent, RSSI will be the RSSI of mesh parent.
3. For non-mesh radio:
AM module in the AP will scan all neighbor APs and clients (could be non-aruba APs).
The RSSI will be the maximum RSSI of all APs or clients in the radio's current channel (not just among clients connect to the AP itself); Devices in other channel are not considered.

RSSI         LEDs LIT UP

< 9                   0
< 12                 1
< 18                 2
< 30                 3
>= 30               4


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