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105 IAp's Strange Behaviour

I have a small setup with two AP's. They have been renamed, give a static IP and the VC has a staic.


All was working OK for about 2 weeks, then one of the AP's started acting up. You could joing the Wirless network, access the Ap using the VC address but not browse the web trough it. Loking at the lights on the front it had 1 green and 3 red leds lit. When accessing the VC it only showed one AP, the broken one.


A reboot of the AP restored service but the two never joined back up. It then occaionally goes back into this locked up mode, however once the behviour was the other way around with the working AP displaying hte same behaviour. I suspect they are fighting each other.


Do I need to factory reset one of the AP's to get them to sync back up? Is there anyway to do this from the VC or talking directly to the AP as getting to the AP is going to be a right pain (In a public space)


Thanks in advanvce.

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Re: 105 IAp's Strange Behaviour

What version of IAP code?


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Re: 105 IAp's Strange Behaviour

I don't know the exact version. I updated it to the latest firmware available through the self update section.

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Re: 105 IAp's Strange Behaviour


 Can you try power off one, after other one work fine, Login it and open the support page, and select "AP log All" in the command list.


then power on the other one, If it still cannot join, Run show AP log all on the Master

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Re: 105 IAp's Strange Behavior

Ok so today I have factory reset the problem AP, after a while it joined up and sorted its self out. I gave it a fixed ip and all was well for a few hours. A while later it became separated again and I noticed something strange.. The address of the master was 169.254.x.x so the device is getting an APIPA address. Would all this behavior point to a dodgy network link? Uplonk status was showing as ethernet and the uplink as up.



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