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2,4 GHz video interference and high noise

Hi guys,


I have a little problem with my IAP deployment. One of the APs shows high noise, high CPU utilization and the clients are suffering connection problems with this AP and neighbours.


I did a spectrum analysis and found a "non-wifi" interference centered in 2405438Hz in channel 1. It is categorized as Video and ID 6 with bw 6000KHz.. As result of this noise we have a lot of connection retries and low perfomance.


Obviously I told my customer to check for any VideoCam or similar but they have no cams (they have checked it twice). The building is also isolated with no other companies WiFi or buildings. If there isn´t any interference I just think about a bug or radio problem with this AP.


Any ideas?


Update: Model: IAP 105 and ArubaOS: ArubaInstant_Orion_6.2.1.0-


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