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2xx or 3xx AP series WiFi Uplink/Mesh

As far as I can tell WiFi Uplink and Meshing is still not supported in Instant OS on 2xx and 3xx series AP's. Is this correct?

If yes, will this change on the upcoming OS8 Instant Release?

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Re: 2xx or 3xx AP series WiFi Uplink/Mesh

Update: Meshing does work if remember to disable extended SSID :-)


But that has no effect on WiFi Uplink - That does just not work, and as far as I can google it is still not supported.


Why is that option still available in the VC GUI when the feature no longer works?

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Re: 2xx or 3xx AP series WiFi Uplink/Mesh

Correct that it's not supported on any 11ac APs, it's still there because of the unified code base and that some 11n APs still support it and use that same code. I wish we could hide it as well for 11ac APs, but that would mean two trains of code.


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