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6.1 to 6.2 upgrade tunking issue

Open SSID on vlan 7
WPA2PSK on vlan 4
IAP on vlan 4

Everything works fine on 6.1, when they IAP is upgraded to 6.2, the Open SSID on vlan 7 traffic is not bridged to the wire. The AP is plugged into an Aruba s2500 running Version


Here is the config on the switchport:

interface-profile switching-profile "IAP"

   switchport-mode trunk

   native-vlan 4


Re: 6.1 to 6.2 upgrade tunking issue


regarding your s2500 - here is example of full cli command on how to interface-profile switching-profile should be built - ( u may try to add the trunk allowed vlan all command - and see if it's solved your issue)

interface-profile switching-profile {default|<profile-name>}
clone <source>
access-vlan <vlan id>
native-vlan <vlan id>
switchport-mode {access|trunk}
trunk allowed vlan [add|all|except|remove] <vlan list>
storm-control-bandwidth <50-100>
no {...}


lets us know if it's solved your issue.



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Re: 6.1 to 6.2 upgrade tunking issue

We have trunk allowed vlan allow all configured. This is something that works fine on 6.1, but not 6.2

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