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802.1x and HT

I have a WLAN using 802.1x machine authentication on IAP 205's running The authentication works fine but I've noticed the clients are connecting on 802.11a rather than the 11an/ac that I was expecting.


Comparing the output of "show ap bss-table" for that WLAN with one thats WPA2, I'm seeing phy value of a/g for 802.1x and a-VHT/g-HT for WPA, which suggests to me this is actually on the AP side rather than the client side. I found some documentation for AOS 6.3 stating : "High-throughput is disabled on a BSSID if the encryption mode is standalone TKIP or WEP". As 802.1x uses dynamic WEP, will using it prevent HT? If so, any workarounds to that?


Thanks Greg


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Re: 802.1x and HT

As per the IEEE 802.11 std, HT rates are not supported on wep and tkip encryption. You need to use aes encryption to achieve HT rates.
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Re: 802.1x and HT

802.1X can be used with WEP but is not common. Do you have a need to be using it? Otherwise, switch to WPA2.

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Re: 802.1x and HT

Thanks, first time I'd set this up and a lack of understanding on my part. I knew I needed to use 802.1x and the most obvious option was the one I used. Using WPA2-enterprise now and getting the connection speeds I expected.

Thanks Greg

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