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A new member seeking advice

Hi all.


Having been through a number of different manufacturers (Ruckus etc), i am still looking for an AP that will give me good coverage in my house.


The current AP is mounted to the upstairs ceiling and seems to give good coverage through most of the house although when using my Macbook Pro in my usual location (downstairs), my throughput or Tx connection will only ever connect at 585 Mbps, when in the past with the Ruckus R600, i would get around 800.


My current Engenius EAP1750 AC AP still only gives around 700 when i am within about 2/3 meters line of sight.


Therfore, i am looking to purchase an IAP215 in the hope that this will improve coverage a bit more downstairs.


Would this be a better solution as above? I do also seem to be suffering a little with iPhones and the like in the downstairs position.


Any pointers or advice much appreciated!



Re: A new member seeking advice

can't speak to Engenius, Ruckus can look better on associated rates when clients are just seeing the beacons, but when MIMO and higher MCS rates are involved, performance drops quickly. If you go with an IAP-215 on the upstairs, make sure it's mounted on the ceiling, as the RF is directed more out of the front (white) side and less out the back (black) side. Mounting it on the ceiling will push more of the RF and increase the RX gain appropriately.

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Re: A new member seeking advice

Thanks Jerrod,


Yes, when i was first configuring my network, the Ruckus was in the room that i use and it used to give around 800-1000Tx , however, for ovious reasons, didnt give decent coverage upstairs so i moved it upstairs.


After doing that, i was disocovering my iPhone (and others) were randomly disconnecting and dropping back to mobile data.


So, the IAP215 would mounted on the ceiling upstairs.


Looking at various specs, it would appear i would also need to purchase a flat surface ceiling mount?


Thanks again!



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Re: A new member seeking advice

Ok, it seems i do need a wall/ceiling mount so could anyone tell me where i could purchase one in the UK?


Im looking to get the AP220MNTW2



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Re: A new member seeking advice


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