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AP-105 Instant SSID is not broadcasting

I am new to aruba, and wanted to use it without a controller. I didn't really do any research before buying it since it was like 8 bucks on ebay and I had 1 min to purchase. I think I may have made a mistake..(Live and learn)


With that being said is it possible to set this AP-105 up as a controllerless device or get be able to configure it somehow to not have to sell it or eat the cost? I am open to most anything macgyver like ideas since this is for a small home project and it can be fun.

Re: AP-105 Instant SSID is not broadcasting

Is it an IAP-105 or an AP-105? If it's an AP-105, you require a controller...if not, let us know. It will say on the back.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP-105 Instant SSID is not broadcasting

AP-105. I thought that was the case it required a controller so I was hoping somone had a chep solution for a controller or something macgyver like if you know what I mean.

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