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AP-105 with Reset button

Dear All,


I hope that someone can help me, I have an AP-105 access point it has a reset switch on the back does this mean that this is an Instant Access Point? Can it be used in standalone mode? without the need of a controller?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: AP-105 with Reset button

All  -105 models now ship with the reset button.


Visually, the only way to tell if it is an AP-105 or IAP-105 is to look for a sticker on the back of the unit (30mm x 5mm) that will either say AP-105 or IAP-105-xx

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Re: AP-105 with Reset button

Marcus, Thank you for your prompt reply.


If this is indeed an AP-105 can the IAP-105 instant firmware be installed on the AP-105 to make it a standalone access point?


Thank you.

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Re: AP-105 with Reset button

An AP-105 can only be an AP-105.


An IAP-105 can be both an IAP-105 or AP-105 when converted.

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