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AP-175P stand alone AP



I am new on aruba products and I have a Aruba AP-175P, Im trying to make this as a stand alone AP  without the controller. Is it  possible to make this AP-175P as a Instant AP? or any firmware to make this as an IAP-175P? below are some details of my AP-175P. Thanks..


APBoot (build 26085)
Built: 2010-11-15 at 10:47:17

Model: AP-175X
CPU: AR7161 revision: A2
Clock: 680 MHz, DDR clock: 340 MHz, Bus clock: 170 MHz
DRAM: 128 MB
POST1: passed
Copy: done
Flash: 16 MB


apboot> mfginfo
Manufacturing info:
System S/N : AY0001575
Date Code : 020911
Base MAC : 00:24:6c:cd:86:26
MAC Count : 1
CPU Assembly : MSR2K2SE
CPU Major Rev : A0
CPU Brd Variant : 00
CPU Board S/N : 110700175
PROM Format : 1
Checksum : 34




Re: AP-175P stand alone AP

It is not possible to convert a campus based AP model to an IAP; only IAP to campus.  If the part number is not IAP-175x, then you cannot run Instant software on it.

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Re: AP-175P stand alone AP

Hi Loyd

Unfortunately you can't convert a campus AP into an Instant AP. It only works the other way around
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Re: AP-175P stand alone AP

Hello Trav,

Thanks for the reply.. Is there other way to work this AP without the controller? If have.. please share to me the procedure.. Thanks..
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