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AP-303H power up another AP-303H

I would like to check whether AP-303H can be used to power up another AP-303H using PoE as shown in the attached diagram?

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Re: AP-303H power up another AP-303H

From the datasheet:


- Without IPM, both the USB port and PoE out (PSE)

capability are disabled when the AP is powered by an

802.3af PoE source, and either the USB port or the

PoE out (PSE) capability is disabled when powered

by an 802.3at PoE source (PSE capability is disabled

by default).

- When using IPM, the AP may enter power-save mode

with reduced functionality when powered by a PoE


- For the 303H, the IPM power-save feature applies when

the unit is powered by an 802.3af or 802.3at POE source.

By default, the USB interface will be the first feature to

be turned off by IPM if the AP power consumption would

otherwise exceed the available power budget. Specific

power-saving options are programmable with IPM.


As a PSE, the first 303H (#2 on your diagram) can only supply at best 802.3af to the second 303H (#1).

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering

Re: AP-303H power up another AP-303H

In summary: yes this will work, but neither 303H will have a working USB port, and the second one will not supply POE-PSE power.

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