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AP-304 /IAP-92 and AP-ANT-16



I was searching for information concerning the antenna connectors on AP-304 vs. IAP-92.

The reason is, that we are going to replace some IAP-92s to AP-304s and as much as possible we'd like to keep the AP-ANT-16 antennas.

All I could find was RP-SMA for both models. Can I trust this information, and rely on it? I would avoid a situation where it turns out that SMA converters have to be used.
Please point me into the right direction.



Re: AP-304 /IAP-92 and AP-ANT-16

Both APs have RP-SMA, and will work with the ANT-16. The 304 will use all three leads though, so hopefully the 3rd leads were not cut off :)

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP-304 /IAP-92 and AP-ANT-16

Thank you Jerrod,


I do hope the 3rd lead was tucked in somewhere and we can pull it out and use it now... :-)

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