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AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller

I'm confused, I thought that Aruba recently stated that all APs could now be used on a VC and not just IAPs?  I know this is the case for at least some, because I have some AP-365 that work on my VC but not this AP-335.  

The AP-335 is running


The AP-335 does seem to bring up its own instnace of VC and will act as Master, but it will not join my existing VC.

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Re: AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller

I shoould note that it only launches it's own VC on the initial boot after reset.  After that, it get stuck in a loop with this:


[ 124.978737] (15:43:18) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 125.347926] turn off mobility
[ 125.978745] (15:43:19) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 126.385198] turn off mobility
[ 126.978732] (15:43:20) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 127.422396] turn off mobility
[ 127.978761] (15:43:21) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 128.459918] turn off mobility
[ 128.978745] (15:43:22) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 129.497197] turn off mobility
[ 129.978754] (15:43:23) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 130.534394] turn off mobility
[ 130.978739] (15:43:24) !!! Init ---> Slave
[ 131.571563] turn off mobility

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Re: AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller

Only a select 3xx Series APs and the 5xx Series APs.


Are both of your APs running the same firmware version and in the same L2 broadcast domain? The 335/365 use different firmware versions (Lupus & Ursa) so will not upgrade the other automatically.

Upgrade both IAPs to the same firmware version first then try to establish the cluster.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller

On this particular network I am running IAP-315 (running ArubaInstant_Hercules_8.5.0.4_72900) and am trying to add the AP-335 (running ArubaInstant_Lupus_8.5.0.4_72900)


The AP-365 was on another network, but it was coexisting with IAP-325s over there so I had hoped it would be a similar case for the AP-335&IAP-315.

Thanks for that document!  That's the one that I had seen.  I'll comb thru that to try to find an answer.

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Re: AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller

You cannot add an AP-335 to an Instant Cluster, you will need an IAP-335. The AP-335 (JW801A) requires a mobility controller to operate.


If you (or someone else) tried to install the Instant firmware via apboot to an non-IAP access point that won't work and you will see the 'Turning off mobility' messages.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: AP-335 (JW801A) on Virtual Controller


I figured that out the hard way.

I was under the impression after reading this

and other items that all the APs could move back and forth between Mobility, Instant, and Campus.  That is clearly not the case.  I have not seen an updated list from Aruba on which models can do it and which cannot.  It’s not clear from the name as for example the AP-365 can move back and forth, but the AP-335 cannot.


I have since removed the AP-335 and added in some IAP-325s.



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