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AP 365 , Central Setup

Having issues getting AP 365 to show up in Access points in Central.  Any suggestions.


I can logon to the Setmeup page and enter the static IP address, save and reboot the device but it doesn't show up in Central.  I manually added the device in central, assigned subscription but it never shows up under Access Points. 

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Re: AP 365 , Central Setup

Hi Yuri,


Please check the following:


1. Is the clock on IAP showing the correct time?


#show clock


2. Is there a valid DNS server assigned to the IAP in order to resolve the Central URL ?


# ping


If DNS is working, we should see the response from


3. Is there a firewall on the network which could be blocking the HTTPS communication between IAp & outside network.


4. Please attach the following outputs:


#show version

#show aps

#show clock


#show log provision

#show activate-status

#show ap debug cloud-server

# show log ap-debug | include awc

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