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AP-367 IAP or not?

Good day, I was looking at the spec sheet of the Outdoor AP-367 and it does mention that it is available with Instant OS, but looking at the ordering guide, I dont see any starting with IAP (JX974A)... How am I supposed to know if it has the instant OS on it or not? I will be connecting this with indoor 303h IAP's. Are they compatible together?

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Re: AP-367 IAP or not?

The 36x series are what are called universal APs, they will do Instant or AOS controller based, depending on discovery process. If there's no controller and an existing IAP cluster, so long as code matches it will come up. If no code IAP is there, it will try activate or Central (if you use Central), and if nothing works, it will come up with the UAP provisinoing page where you either point it at a controller or load the IAP code.

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