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AP - Drops (fps) 5-GHz

I'm in a test environment trying to understand some statistics.  My environment has a single IAP-105 attached to a single vlan network.  What I am seeing is many drops on the 5-GHz Radio and I am curious if someone may know what traffic makes up the "Drops" statistics (or what determines a drop).  I am attaching 2 files showing the drops for the 2.4 Radio as well as the 5 Radio.  My guess is it may possibly have to do with many broadcasts on the wired network, but would think you would also see many drops on the 2.4-GHz too.  Or, it may have to do with interference as well.  Anyway, I was hoping someone could help explain some of the statistics pertaining to drops.  I am running version

Re: AP - Drops (fps) 5-GHz


You should look at the quality of the RF of those channels and also may want to consider enabling dropping Broadcast/Multicast :


- This would let you see if there's a lot PHY/MAC errors



- It would let you know if there's any interfering devices in the area






Thank you

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Re: AP - Drops (fps) 5-GHz

Let me add a few things.  I did have broadcast filtering turned on "ARP" and decided I would collect screen captures with all settings.  So, I disabled Broadcast filtering all together and the drops for 2.4 & 5 seemed to track pretty much the same (you can see from 11:20 to 11:30 timeframe).  I then used the "all" setting and the drops changed for the 2.4 but not the 5 (you can see from 11:30 to 11:40).  I then changed the setting to "ARP" and the drops again changed for the 2.4 but not the 5GHz (you can see from the 11:40 to 11:50 timeframe).  So, I am wondering if the broadcast filter is not be utilized on the 5GHz channel and only be used for the 2.4?  Any thoughts?

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