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I have a number of Aruba IAP-105's deployed (approx 1200) and the firmware being used is All WAPS have virtual controllers except 2 of the 250 sites.


I have created scripts to query the virtual controller using snmpwalk and report the details of all the attached WAPS to a spreadsheet. I have also generated scripts that allows be to create the configration text and copies it to the clipboard. I then copy the text to the ssh session and this allows me to have a consistent configuration. 


I have managed to organise the data but now I need a way to rename the individual access points to their proper location based names. I want to edit the excel sheet data with proper names that is from mac-address to valid location based name and push the text  through the same script. 


I have looked-up commands like "ap-rename" but i dont thing it is relevant to this firmware.


Is someone aware of a command in this firmware or later firmwares that allows AP renameing on command-line.



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Re: AP-Rename

In v.4.0 the CLI syntax is  hostname <system-name>

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Re: AP-Rename

The hostname command only allows you to edit the WAP you are logged onto. I want to logon to virtual controller and rename all the attached AP's. I want to acheive this in a single ssh session. Will this command achieve this, if so could you please provide some assistance on the syntax 



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Re: AP-Rename

Did you find a way to import a script renaming all the Instant AP's via CLI?

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