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AP -> IAP = Cli degraded

Can anyone confirm that it is not possible to have an AP in IAP, even with the new firmware? I have an AP305 and I wanted to know if I could pass it in IAP305. It was bought as an AP and not in IAP.

I read but the message Being old enough, I wish a confirmation.

I tried to put the firmware but after configuration and restart, the AP goes into degraded mode and a message in the system logs tells me that the election of the master was not made because of permission: "AP not allowed, turn of master election"

Thank you

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Re: AP -> IAP = Cli degraded

only a IAP can use as AP......

An AP cant be an IAP
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Re: AP -> IAP = Cli degraded


The AP’s until the 203R, 303, 303H, 318, 345 are all in two models : (C)AP and IAP.
An AP can never become a IAP, due to regulatory domains. The AP follows the regulatory domain of the controller. As an IAP is bought with region code (US, IL, RW) is can be used without controller

The newest AP’s mentioned above are unified AP’s, are bought for a region and can run both.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Frank
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Re: AP -> IAP = Cli degraded

Thanks for your reply. It's clear.

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