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AP105 Mesh / Bridge to other IAP's

I have a group of IAP105's on our network with one IAP105 connected as a Mesh Point set to bridge eth0.  There is only 1 VLAN and the wired profile is set to Trunk.  I have a switch connected to this Mesh Point and have connectivity with a laptop.  I would like to use this switch to feed additional IAP's but they do not come up and register to the system.


Will they work this way or is there something that needs to be enabled?

Re: AP105 Mesh / Bridge to other IAP's

In current releases, mesh is automatically turned on for dual radio platform.
Can we make sure "extended-ssid" is turned off in IAP config and country code is defined correctly as well.



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Re: AP105 Mesh / Bridge to other IAP's

Checked settings, confirmed.  I found that the IAP's on the bridge side are getting DHCP.  I ran wireshark but havent had a chance to scan thru it yet.


Just to reiterate, the mesh piece if functioning fine.  I want to add hard wired IAP's behind the mesh point.  This is servicing a building that does not have copper running to it and requires multiple AP's.

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Re: AP105 Mesh / Bridge to other IAP's



I have experimented a little bit on the IAP and mesh function, and it seems you can't "carry" any vlan over the mesh link that is not defined on any ssid. I guess this is because the vlan isn't created on the IAP until you actually define it in any SSID profile. So the one vlan you have through, is that really the same vlan as your IAP's are clustering on?

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