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AP124 as a standalone device?

Not certain which section to post this in. I apologize if this is incorrect.


Guys, I have an ap124 and I've never used aruba AP's before. I am reading about the use of a controller for these devices. Is it possible to use this as a standalone AP for this small network? When I tried to log into the console port I get nothing at all from the device. Im not real certain but it appears to me as the devices are not designed to work without a controller? I've never had to use a controller for AP's before. Is this the case or am I misunderstanding how to configure this device?





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Re: AP124 as a standalone device?

An AP-124 is a controller-based AP and cannot run without one.


Aruba offers a controller-less platform called "InstantAP" (or IAP for short).

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Re: AP124 as a standalone device?

Sweet, thanks! Off to order a controller.

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Re: AP124 as a standalone device?

If this is a small deployment you might considder looking at replacing the AP-124 with an IAP.   An IAP-105, for example, has a list price of $695 USD compared to the smallest controller that is $1595 plus licenses.


The IAPs can run as a single stand-alone unit or be combined in a group / cluster with one IAP acting as the Master for the group.

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