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AP1X IAP automatic provisioning information

Hi all, we want to use AP1X with clearpass to do 802.1x on the switch port the ap is connected to. I can see you have to configure this per ap. I'm looking for some experience about automating this process, so we don't have to configure all ap's separate.


So here are the questions:

- Is there a way to provision or configure all IAP's at once with the AP1X for EAP-PEAP and/or EAP-TLS. 

- I'm wondering if there is a procedure for local configuration and configuration with central.


Hoping someone is willing to share some automation process for this. 


Re: AP1X IAP automatic provisioning information

I think you should be able to do it using template with Airwave. The templates have per AP setting which do this job for you.

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Re: AP1X IAP automatic provisioning information

We are going to use central for this. Would be nice to send the config to all aps at once...

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