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AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

Hi ,

i am new to wireless tech, i am a storage man, At last i have managed the mesh point and portal between 2 APs,the mesh is sucesfull in our firm.I have to setup it to the outdoor customer environment.

But i am not sure how to align the antenna, how to measure the quality in the mesh link,  and etc.

If someone leads me to a document or a direction , it will be very good for me.


Re: AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

The antenna has an arrow on the back indicating the 'up'direction. Just point them at each other, make sure the arrow is up, and connect to the AP (the order really doesn't matter but I like to be consistent and use 5G0 for V, 5G1 for H, 5G2 for +45, and 5G3 for -45).


Once the link is up, on both sides (on each AP) check the following:


show ap mesh cluster status
show ap mesh link
show ap mesh neighbour


You want to see the mesh link SNR in the 30s-40s depending on link distance.

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Re: AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

Hi it sounds perfect to me, 

I am builing this setup in our firm, as soon as i got outside i will try them.


But today ,while i was looking for the qality settings i noticed something else

Our aim in configuring mesh topology is, to connect 2 different buildings,with the mesh link.On each building there will be a switch and some computers that has to reach to the other site,

But in my lab environment, i see that the MeshPoint AP , boots up,and the ethernet port of that AP is down on the remote switch.

when i connect to the wireless network on the remote site, i can succesfully ping the both aps and the other pc, but if i connect with to the lan with my laptop, i cannot ping the Mesh Point AP ,

when i looked to the remote site switch, the MeshPointAp 's port is shutdown state


while mesh setup, i had chosen the MeshPortal Ap as bridge on the eth0 ,if i dont select it like that ,then mesh doesnot work


am i missing something?


Re: AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

The wired interfaces must be enabled, set to trusted, and configured for whatever mode you want (access, trunk, vlans, etc). If you are trunking and running a native outside of VLAN 1, that also needs to be defined in the configuration as well within the System settings

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Re: AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

Hi again


Fiinally the mesh and the setup is done with your help and also with the help of this link 



It is very strange for me to understand why the MeshPoint eth0 is disabled by defaul config, i still have problems with it,And also i have to mention that it is not documented in the guides or in the video recordings.


anyway ,thanks a lot 


Re: AP374 with antenna ant-4x4-5314 and mesh

Everything defaults to a more secure posture. In many/most cases, the use of mesh with Instant is to bring an outdoor AP to cover areas away from wired infrastructure to support wireless clients. If the eth port were enabled by default, there's a chance that gets missed by the admin and someone could plug in to the ethernet port on the mesh point (either directly or via the power injector) and would have access to the LAN. This way, it requires explicit config choice to enable so that the admin is aware. Additionally, unless the instant APs are on a flat network, you would have to configure the mesh point's interface to carry whatever specific VLANs and port config (access or trunk) required like a regular switch port.


Not sure what videos you reference. Florian's page is very good, he an Aruban.


Jerrod Howard
Distinguished Technologist, TME
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