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APINR15P setup help

Hi all,
1- Can I use a APINR15P as a standalone AP?

2 - Must it be connected to a controler?
I've loged in after a factory reset but can seem to configure it as a standalone unit. (I'm not that well versed with the product)
3 - Can it be done through Airwave?


And by the way, why is the APINR15P refered to as RAD155 ?

Thank you immensly!


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Re: APINR15P setup help

It must be connected to a controller in a "RAP" or Remote AP setup:


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Re: APINR15P setup help

Thank you!

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Re: APINR15P setup help

The Aruba Instant Dox mention that you can configure as a standalone Aruba Instant.
What am I misunderstanding here?

Re: APINR15P setup help

Looking at datasheet:




This is a RAP-155P.


All RAPs, AFAIK ship with IAP software and then provisioned to be RAP via activate or manually into IAP GUI.


How to find if the AP you have in your hand is operating in RAP mode or IAP mode?


1. If you have registered on activate, it can tell you that.

2. Can you open the local UI of the IAP, by putting its IP address in browser?

3. Does the AP broadcast SSID "instant" when its plugged in.

4. If you have the console cable to connect to 155, show version can help.



If 155 is operating in RAP Mode, you can factory reset it, to have Instant software. Then connect to IAP via wired DHCP IP address or via wireless using "instant" SSID.

Standalone mode is a special mode of operation of an IAP, where the IAP does not from cluster with other IAPs on the same VLAN. That you can set, once IAP GUI is up by going to maintenance>convert>select IAP>standalone mode.


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Re: APINR15P setup help

The UI access by a web broweser works well after a factory reset. 

I used an ols linksys router to serve as a DHCP server and then was able to connect via WiFi and direct wire.
The convert to stand-alone was also done, but I cant find where in the 360pg manual a detailed procedure to make it into a "regular" off the shelf wifi router. 

There must be a profile listing somewhere....??

Re: APINR15P setup help

What is 360pg?

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