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ARM Channel aware ?

Im running IAPs. Im noticing in the Channel utilization map in airwave that APs next to one another are using the same 2.4 channel. I have 2 neighboring APs both assigned channel 1 and 2 other neighboring APs assigned channel 11. To me, this would cause interference. I was under the impression that ARM detects the neighboring channels and moves neighboring APs to different channels to avoid overlap/interferrence? Is there a reason why ARM is not doing that or ? 

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Re: ARM Channel aware ?

There are only 3 channels and 2.4 channel usage is pervasive. That means there are many people around that use those channels already. ARM makes decision based on the least amount of utilization and retries on a channel in general. If two access points are next to each other and they are the same channel, that is typically because the other channels have more noise and/or more retries. Access points have and will continue to perform just fine if they share a neighboring channel. The strategy is to move as many clients to 5ghz so that they do not have to deal with 2.4ghz period.

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Re: ARM Channel aware ?


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