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ARM Within a Non-Homogenous Environment

When deploying IAPs within a non-homogenous environment, the IAP density in one area will be different from another. For each section of an environment that requires an IAP density that is different from the other sections of the environment, is a separate cluster (thus a separate ARM calibration) required? Within one IAP cluster, will ARM make the appropriate adjustments in each section of the environment?

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Re: ARM Within a Non-Homogenous Environment

Broadly speaking I would suggest the ARM should adapt apropriately in consideration of what you've mentioned in one cluster (maybe somebody else knows differently). All single clusters I've seen worked it out just fine even though IAPs were dense in some spaces, light in others where needs dictated.


However, by simple virtue of the fact you've queried it, I'd recommend you have a quick look at how the ARM has converged once it's in flight in a typical day, and check it "looks right" with your RF head on.



Kudos appreciated, but I'm not hunting! (ACMX 104)
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