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Access points 515 with Flags "rIf" - Aruba OS 8.6

Good morning everyone.
I have problems with the provisioning of Access points model AP305 (JX945A) and AP515 (Q9H62A) with an Aruba Controller 7030 (ARCN7030) which has version Aruba OS, I updated it to the most recent version since the AP305 when converting them to CAP I visualized that they had that version, the AP515 in the boxes indicate that they have version, all the AP's are provisioned with the Controller but they do not raise the profiles of the VAP, in the AP305 after they are updated if they work but with the "Flag" "r" of Power restricted; The AP515s indicate the "Flags" "rIf" (Power restricted, Inactive and No Spectrum FFT support) and does not show me the wireless networks because they appear inactive. I have some theories based on what I have researched and searched in the Aruba forums and documentation:
- Enable LLDP on the Cisco 9200L PoE + Switch
- Enable IPM on the Controller
- Update the DRT table
* When I entered the "show profile-errors" command, it did not show me any errors.





Based on the above, is there anything else I am not taking into account that I can do to make the changes? I recommend that you work with version especially for AP515 or what version I recommend since I had planned to work with version but AP515 indicates that they operate without limits in versions 8.6 Aruba OS.

Thank you very much for your support and time.

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Re: Access points 515 with Flags "rIf" - Aruba OS 8.6

How does your licensing look?

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Re: Access points 515 with Flags "rIf" - Aruba OS 8.6

If APs appear as inactive (or other non-default state), typically the logs on the controller can tell you why that is. Command to show those is 'show log all 100' to see the last 100 lines. It may be good to reboot one of the APs to get 'fresh' logs.


Do the APs show up in 'show ap active'? If so, with what flags?


If you have a console cable for the APs available, you could verify that the APs took the firmware from the controller to rule out an AP upgrade issue.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Access points 515 with Flags "rIf" - Aruba OS 8.6


First of all thank you very much for responding.
What I did was enable on the Cisco 9200L PoE + Switches where the switches are connected to assign 30 W ( on each port since in the automatic configuration I only assigned 15 W ( in addition to all the most important that was to enable IPM in the "ap system-profile default" and the AP515 already work for me; when setting the "show ap active" command:


(Aruba7030) [mynode] #show ap active

Active AP Table
Name Group IP Address AP Type Flags Uptime Outer IP Cluster Role Radio 0 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients Radio 1 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients Radio 2 Band Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP/Clients
---- ----- ---------- ------- ----- ------ -------- ------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
bc:9f:e4:--:--:-- GroupCuervo 515 AaQf 1m:48s N/A AP:5GHz-HE:108E/15.0/30.0/0 AP:2.4GHz-HE:1/9.0/26.0/0
bc:9f:e4:--:--:-- GroupCuervo 515 Aaf 1m:48s N/A AP:5GHz-HE:36E/15.0/23.0/0 AP:2.4GHz-HE:1/9.0/26.0/0
f4:2e:7f:--:--:-- GroupCuervo 515 Aaf 1m:49s N/A AP:5GHz-HE:149E/15.0/19.5/0 AP:2.4GHz-HE:6/9.0/26.0/0
9c:8c:d8:--:--:-- GroupCuervo 305 a 2d:13h:45m:12s N/A AP:5GHz-VHT:100E/18.0/30.0/3 AP:2.4GHz-

Thank you.

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