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Access to wired Apple TVs on different VLANs

Hello all,


I apologize if this has been asked before.  I've seen a lot on somewhat similar topics, but nothing that matches my specific scenario with Instant.


I work for a K-12 school district.  Up to now, each site is its own subnet with its own router.  Within each site, it's one gigantic broadcast domain, using the default VLAN.  We are working on dividing up each site's network into separate VLANs.  We have this in place at a small handful of sites already.  On our Secure network, we use ClearPass to place Staff into one VLAN and Students into another.  On our Guests network, everything is placed into a 3rd VLAN.


The problem I'm having is figuring out how to get our Apple TV devices to be visible to devices on our Staff and Student VLANs.  (I don't care about visibility on the Guests; I'd rather they not be able to see them.)  The Apple TVs are hard-wired, and are currently on the default VLAN.  That will eventually change, but they'll still be on a different VLAN from the wireless clients. 


On the IAP, under More > Services > AirGroup tab, I have enabled the following:

(Above the "AirGroup Service" list)

- Enable Bonjour

- Enable DLNA

(In the "AirGroup Service" list)

- airplay

- airprint

- DLNA Media

- DLNA Print


I am at our District Office, testing with my iPad, which is on our Staff VLAN.  It does not see any of the Apple TVs at the District Office.  Before implementing VLANs, all Apple TVs were visible.  I did verify that the Applel TVs are plugged in and connected, as well.


I'm stumped as to what I'm missing here.  Any ideas?



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Re: Access to wired Apple TVs on different VLANs

Are any of the VLANs that the Apple TVs are on trunked to the Instant AP?

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Re: Access to wired Apple TVs on different VLANs

cjoseph wrote:

Are any of the VLANs that the Apple TVs are on trunked to the Instant AP?

You know, that never occurred to me.  The answer is no, they're not.  The ports are trunked with the management VLAN for the IAPs, and the 3 client VLANs.  The management VLAN is the native VLAN (or the "untagged" VLAN in HP/Aruba lingo), and the other VLANs are "tagged."  The Apple TVs are on the default VLAN (1), so I'll have to see if the switches will allow me to tag VLAN 1 on those ports.  I'll let you know how it goes, and if it solves the problem.  Thanks!

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Re: Access to wired Apple TVs on different VLANs

cjoseph wrote:

Are any of the VLANs that the Apple TVs are on trunked to the Instant AP?

Thanks, Colin, that worked!  Mostly... :)  Out of 8 schools (including our District Office), that worked perfectly at 7 of them.  One, however, a high school, is still having issues.  I have a case open with HPE.  There, the Apple TVs keep appearing and disappearing from iDevices.  I suspect something else may be going on, though, because even on a hardwired Mac Mini, not all Apple TVs show up.  Although at least in that case, the list doesn't fluctuate, so there may very well be a bunch that are disconnected or otherwise offline.  But on the wireless Macs, my iPad, and a colleague's iPhone, the list constantly varies, all the way from just 1 Apple TV to 20 or so. 


One major difference between this high school and the other schools in question (aside from the fact that this school is the only one of the 8 that IS a high school) is that it has a LOT more IAPs.  142 of them, to be exact.  The other sites range from 29 to about 70 (at a middle school).  HPE had me run a Wireshark packet capture on the Mac Mini while trying to wirelessly mirror to an Apple TV.  The Apple TV showed up in the list, but when I tried to connect to it, the screen would flash momentarily, and it never connected.  The Apple TV itself never even showed a mirror attempt; just kept right on going with its slideshow screensaver.  I'll post a follow-up if HPE can help.

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