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Activate Based on Character String???

Are there people within the community that use Activate heavily? Over a year ago gokulr ( posted some useful information on the tool. ( Currently within Aurba Activate devices can be moved to a folder based on device category, part number, PO number, or billing information. Once the device is in a folder, provisioning and notification rules within the folder are applied. Within Activate the provisioning and notification rules meet my needs. However, the rules for moving a device into a folder do not. Because we ship a set of IAPs do installers around the country I do not know exactly where a device may be installed. As a result, I cannot use any of the folder selections. In fact, until a device is turned on and connected to AirWave, I have no idea where the device was deployed. In the environments that I deploy the device name is the most important attribute. If Activate allowed administrators to create rules based on the name that was configured on the device that would be ideal. (Before deployment having an administrator rename devices in Activate is not scalable.) I recognize that there is one major issue with provisioning devices based on a character string within a configured name - only devices that are set to factory default reach out to Activate. I am trying to eliminate the need for installers configure to Airwave parameters within IAPs. As you can imagine saving time on site gives that installer the opportunity to install more sites in a single day.
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
If so, does anyone have a workaround?
Once the virtual controller has been named and configured, has anyone figured out a way to have subsequent IAPs automatically obtain a name that is based on the name of the virtual controller (i.e. ABC12345Z1, ABC12345Z2, ABC12345A3, etc.)
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