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Activate IP pool

Hello Experts.


A quick question: in order to allow our IAP-105 to leverage from the zero-touch configuration feature, we need to allow, from our firewalls, the outgoing connections to on port 443.


Unfortunately our firewalls does not allow rules based on FQDN, so I need to open on IP. Is there a pool or a set of known Aruba Networks IP for this service? For example, if I resolve the name now I get, but I guess it can change.


Thanks a lot!



Re: Activate IP pool

I am not sure if it will change but the IAPs actually use

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Re: Activate IP pool

I just spoke to engineering. is currently set to respond to a static IP of  There is no guarantee, however, that this won't change in the future.

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Re: Activate IP pool

Thanks a lot!!



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