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Add 207 AP (unified mode) to Central



I'ver been doing some tests using trial version of Central with a iAP205 and everything works fine so we're buying 207 AP and 2930F switch and DM and svc licenses. I'm not completely sure but I suppose 207AP will arrive as a Unified AP and, as I can see in some presentations, Unified AP will download iAP Firmware when it connects to Aruba Activate and confirms it will be managed by Aruba Central.


Is that right? Is it necesary to use Aruba Activate in order to follow the automatic process of upgrading firmware?

Has somebody tested this enviroment and can tell me the steps to add 207AP?


Thanks a lot!



Re: Add 207 AP (unified mode) to Central

AP-207 is NOT a "unified" AP, so you need to make sure you order the correct SKU. AP-207 supports controller-based deployments only. For Instant deployments, use IAP-207

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Re: Add 207 AP (unified mode) to Central

Hi Onno,


Thanks for your reply! I don't know why I supposed 207 was going to be unified (maybe I was confused with 303). Yes, AP ordered was iAP207.


Since we are at it, do you know the procedure for unified APs with Central? Thanks a lot!



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