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Add 365 to Instant Cluster of 515s

I have a virtual controller currently running my 515 APs. I powered up a 365 outdoor AP to add to my setup, but I'm having trouble getting it configured correctly. It has an IP (via DHCP), and I'm redirected to the controller GUI when I browse to the 365's address, however the AP never shows up on the controller.

I suspect this is because my 515s are running 8.5.x and the 365 is on, out of the box. Now I'm stuck on how to update the 365 APs (via CLI?) to the matching version  to get them to show on the Instant Controller.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Add 365 to Instant Cluster of 515s

The best way is to bring up the AP-365 in another subnet so that it does not see the Instant cluster, then  upgrade it to the same version as your instant cluster. once it is rebooted you can join it on the same subnet as that of your Instant cluster.

You need to do this since you dont have Airwave or Aruba Central.


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