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Add additional IAPs to existing network

Hi There,

I have an existing instant IAPs, when I add couple of new IAPs all the other IAPs lost their original configuration and was trying to register to the new APs.


Can you please advise why this happened and how can I eliminate this in future ?


The IAPs I was using is IAP225 and the version was 6.4



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Re: Add additional IAPs to existing network

Hi Siva,


There is a criteria to elect a master in IAP, 

Master election criteria:

—Step#1: look into IP scope, default-ip can not win

—Step#2: look into 3G capability

—Step#3: look into AP class, IAP-13X gets higher priority

—Step#4: look into uptime, older AP gets higher priority

—Step#5: look into AP MAC, bigger address gets higher priority


To avoid this you can configure preferred master, means whichever IAP you want to make as a Master unconditionally, configure that as a preferred master.


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Add additional IAPs to existing network

This procedure does not seem to be being followed in the latest code version. I have seen the same issue + each new additional AP takes over VC ownership even though the old master would have had a longer uptime.

i.e Step 4 in the list seems to be being ignored for some reason.

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