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Adding IAP to Airwave



Our current process to add IAP's to our Airwave server is by adding just a 4 character site code to the Organization string.  This creates the equivalent folder and group in Airwave.


As we have a lot of sites, this flat folder hierarchy is starting to become a bit unmanageable.


What I'd like to be able to do is the following.


Assume site code is WXYZ.


When I add a new IAP top Airwave, I would liek the following to happen:


Create a configuration group called "WXYZ"

Create a new subfolder  under folder "Europe" called "WXYZ"


Is it possible to do this using the Organization string syntaxes and if so, how.



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Re: Adding IAP to Airwave

You can do this with the Org String / opt 43.  By separating strings with a colon you are telling AirWave that it is a sub-folder. 




top folder:sub-folder,Awave IP, secret


Be sure there are no spaces.  You can have the same config across all folders or different configs for each folder.

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Re: Adding IAP to Airwave

Hi Marcus,


I tried this using the Instant Gui, but the problem is is that if I use the following Org string for example:




A folder called WXYZ gets created as a subfolder of EMEA, which is what I want.


But,  a Group also gets created called EMEA.   Which is not what I want, I need a group created called WXYZ as we use a template per site for deploying our IAP's.


Is there anyway to make this work ?






Re: Adding IAP to Airwave

At the moment, that's how it's designed.  It'd be a feature request to change the existing behavior for groups.

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