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Adding a AP-215 to existing network

Good afternoon,


We recently bought two new AP-215 access points to join our existing network but I'm having a little trouble getting the virtual controller to discover the new 215's.  They're on the same subnet and VLAN, I've assigned static IP's, but there's still nothing going on.  When I connect via serial to the AP, it boots to CLI that displays, "WELCOME TO THE ACCESS POINT", but any command I attempt is met with "Access denied", at this point I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels and need a little help. 


I'll admit this is my first dive into this, so I could be missing somthing obvious.  Any push in the right direction would be appreciated.  



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Re: Adding a AP-215 to existing network

It seems like you have a Campus AP and not an IAP.  An IAP, whether or not it is connected to an existing cluster would ask for your username and password.  See if the part number on the back of the AP is IAP-215 or AP-215.


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Re: Adding a AP-215 to existing network

Hi!  Thanks for the reply.


The label on the back says "AP-215".


I'm not being prompted for a UID and PW.  Is there a trick to get this into our cluster?   Currently, we have sever AP-205's and one AP-215 withthe 215 being marked as the primary.  


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Re: Adding a AP-215 to existing network

I've factory reset the AP  in an effort to have the virtual controller to discover it, but still no luck.  


Does anyone have any tips?

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Re: Adding a AP-215 to existing network

Hi , 


as far as i know AP-215 need a controller. it cannot be used in virtual controller. if you want to use in virtual controller environment you should have IAP-215. 



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