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Adding an IAP277 to an IAP205 cluster



We currently have an IAP cluster with 6 IAP205s and we are planning on adding 1 IAP277 to the cluster. Having some trouble getting the new IAP277 to connect to the cluster and reading through some posts here, I've figured that the firmware versions need to match on both the 205s and the new 277 for this to happen (as far as I know).


I've tried updating the firmware on the 205s through the automatic firmware update, but the firmware version it gave (I presume it's the latest version?) didn't exactly match up to the one in the new IAP277.


IAP205 firmware version:

IAP277 firmware version:



  • Does the IAP205 have a firmware version that would match up with the one in the IAP277?
  • Would it be better/possible to downgrade the 277 to the same firmware as is on the 205s?
  • Is there something else that might be preventing the 277 from joining the cluster of 205s?


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Re: Adding an IAP277 to an IAP205 cluster

Download software for the 277 and the 205 here:


The "check for new software" only works for GA software.  The 277 uses early access software that will not show up in "check new software".

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