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Adonis BlueCat DHCP Option 43 for Aruba AP's

Hello, I've setup DHCP Option 43 on several customer networks in the past however each of these have been using Microsoft DHCP Servers. I have a customer that migrated to Adonis BlueCat DHCP/DNS appliances and they are telling me they cannot get DHCP Option 43 to work in order to point the Aruba AP's to the correctAruba Master Controller on their network. They have multiple Master Controllers so depending on what VLAN a particular group of AP's is on they need to direct them to specific Master Controllers.


Has anyone encountered this issue with Adonis BlueCat DHCP Servers? Any resolutions?





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Re: Adonis BlueCat DHCP Option 43 for Aruba AP's

did you see this thread on the cisco forum?


the principle should be the same for aruba.


you could also have your customer try their bluecat support, in a way it makes more sense to get an answer via that way.

Re: Adonis BlueCat DHCP Option 43 for Aruba AP's

I know this thread is 3 years old, but I wanted to add that we were finally able to implement DHCP Option 43 with the Adonis BlueCat Servers. We had configured the settings per the Cisco Link above, however, according to a very helpful BlueCat TAC - "Vendor Profiles" - Although they are Option 60 - are meant for vendors that use DHCP Option 43 Encapsulation -> *Sending Multiple Options inside of Option 43*.


BlueCat had us manually configure a custom Option 60, along with Option 43, we were able to successfully deploy a few test APs to our test controller without having to use console access. Very excited to have this finally working in our environment.



The link provided above was a good starting point

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Re: Adonis BlueCat DHCP Option 43 for Aruba AP's

it has been so long ago blue cat renamed the product name by now :)


anyway nice to see it is solved for you and thanks for replying.

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