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Air Wave Discovery

Hello Airheads, 

I am new to AirWave controller so please bear with me. I have an installation system with an IAP 103 in different remote sites ( aprox 50 remote sites ), on different networks, which should be managed and monitored by the AirWave.

When I normally install an IAP 103 as a virtual controller on a single lan (no AirWave) I configure the virtual controller and when finished I add all the other IAP 103's and they get configured by the virtual controller automatically. 


Now in this particalrar system al IAp 103's are on different networks. All routing is in place but I guess IAP will not fine virtual controller to connect to. Will I be able to discover these IAP 103's using the Discover tool of the Airwave and add the different subnets? 


Or will I have to manually Configure the Airwave IP Address on the the IAP 103's prior installation on site?




Re: Air Wave Discovery

In orden for IAPs to form a cluster they need to in the layer 2 segment / VLAN .

If you want manage / monitor your IAPs using Airwave you need to point the IAP to Airwave since these do not get discovered through snmp instead the IAP communicate using port 443

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Air Wave Discovery

 So if I can understand correctly, IAPs form a cluster with a virtual controller IAP automatically via https ( port 443 ) ; while the discover feature of Airwave does the disovery on the listed subnets via snmp. Is this correct?

If the IAPS on the subnet listed in Airwave discovery are not pointed manually to the IP of Airwave ( with shared key etc ) will Airwave still discover these via snmp?





Re: Air Wave Discovery

Three separate conversations:

  • iAP to iAP :: to form VC - must be in same layer-2 domain (or VLAN) so they can detect each other's broadcast and directed contacts.
  • iAP to Airwave :: to get checked in for future management - must be set in VC GUI so iAPs will make the connection with Airwave (uses TCP-443)
  • Airwave to discover (not-iAP) devices :: SNMP etc.

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Re: Air Wave Discovery

Now it's clear.


Thanks a lot for your help

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