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AirWave / Instant - Wrong Client Information

Hello Together,


I have a very strange Problem with AirWave and an IAP-Cluster. For some clients the SSID information provided by AirWave is wrong.


Let me explain this by an example:


Client A is connected to SSID 1. The IAP shows the client is connected to SSID 1.

When I now look into AirWave, client A is connected to SSID 2.


This is not limited to alternating the SSID. It seams a bit like AirWave choose the SSID by random.


This problem is limited on SSID and VLAN-Tag. All other provided information like role, Ip and all the other stuff is correct.


Hope some one knows the problem and may help me.


Many thanks in advance.


Best regards,


Marcel Heß

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Re: AirWave / Instant - Wrong Client Information



I found a solution.


I rebooted the whole IAP-Cluster and the AirWave-Server. Now there are no inconsistencies.


This is not a elegnat solution, but it works! :-)


Best regards,



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