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AirWave VisualRF floor plan issue

Hello all.


I've been uploading some floor plans onto Airwave's VisualRF feature and come across a weird issue with a couple of sites.


When adding the deployed APs to the floor plan all I get is a big red and yellow half and half band on the heatmap feature. I've attached a screen grab of this... anyone ever see this or know of the cause/fix?


Thanks in advance



Re: AirWave VisualRF floor plan issue

I assume you are scaling the drawings correctly? I usually see heatmaps like that when floorplans are not to scale.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AirWave VisualRF floor plan issue

Yep, the drawing was to scale. What I did forget to mention was this site had iAP 93's and the heat map for that was fine. They then had iAP 205's installed so I removed the old floor plan and added the new one (same scale) but with the 205's in there new positions... I also had another site do the same with 93 -> 205 upgrades.





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