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AirWave & Syslog: basic requirements

I have an issue with Airwave ( not sending syslog messages to the syslog server - not even the "send test message" in the section where it is set up.  AMP (Airwave) is in the same subnet as the controller, and the controller is sending syslog messages to the syslog server.  The same configuration is on AirWave.  From the controller there are messages seen in the syslog server.  From AMP no messages seem to be hitting the syslog server.  Since this was a fresh new install of AMP, we tried rebooting the AMP (which solved our VisualRF issue of APs not showing up for placement), but with no progress.


Is there anything I am missing for AMP to send syslog, besides allowing UDP port 514?  Are there commands you can recommend for the AMP CLI?

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