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Airgroup Service troubles



I have two IAP315's running in a Cluster which works really well apart from my Airgroup Config. I have several Airplay/Chromecast units along with a few other things (Philips HUE, Ikea Trådfri, Homekit, an Airprinter and some B&O products).


Firmware used to be and is now (The Problem persists)


My SSID Broadcastfiltering is set to ARP.


I have enabled AIRGROUP by enabling Bonjour, DLNA and allowed Airplay, AirPrint, Googlecast, DLNA Media, DIAL and Allowall (Probably makes the others redundant).


If I reboot the cluster, and afterwards most of my devices, everything works peachy for a while. After a few days chromecast devices can no longer be discovered. There really is no way to fix it except by rebooting the AP's. Sometimes rebooting the Chromecast device fixes it, but mostly not. Once the AP's are rebooted, I'm forced to reboot Airprint, HUE and Trådfri controllers as none of them can be discovered again. The only thing that always works is Airplay (To my speakers - which incidentally also does chromecast but suffers from the Airgroup problem).


When I look in the AP's with the SHOW AP AIRGROUP SERVERS command, Chromecast as a service is simply dropped from the speakers (airplay still available) when the problem is present. I also see substantial problems with one AP keeping a device in Airgroup while the does not. So it's hit'n miss if a Chromecast device is available - it depends on which AP get queried (The one I'm connected to). So the replication between them seems to suffer as well.


So Airgroup has some serious trouble. Right now I have disabled it, and disabled broadcast filtering, and then things works just fine. But I would prefer to run Airgroup, so please advice if there is known issues or things I should try.



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Re: Airgroup Service troubles

Incidentally, The Airprinter, Philips Hue and IKEA Trådfri controller are all Wired to the network. The Airprint/Chromecast speakers are Wireless.


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Re: Airgroup Service troubles



No One has similar experiences or ideas on things to try?

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