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Airgroup basic question?

Hi All,


Does airgroup only work on the IAP-105's when the VC/IAP is handling the VLANS itself? 

If a VLAN is set as static and network assigned, then will Airgroup not work?




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Re: Airgroup basic question?

OK so I have Arigroup enabled and also guest bonjour multicast.


 I can see apple TV's and epson printer and Denon amplifier on the Airgroup servers, but on iphone/ipad I only see the Denon Amplifier visable on Airplay devices! 


Any ideas?

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Re: Airgroup basic question?

Now I can see some Apple TV's. But not all, the Cache looks OK on AirGroup servers page?! 

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Re: Airgroup basic question?

Are the clients in the same subnet as the airgroup devices or a different subnet?

Are the subnets separated by a NAT boundary?


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Re: Airgroup basic question?

Clients were a mix, one SSID is on the same VLAN as the Apple TV's the other 3 on seperate VLANs, but they are not NAT as there is a L2 switch handling the routing and VLANS.


In the end with the help of Aruba I managed to get all the 8 apple TV's showing on the airplay of the device, this was achiveved with a firmware downgrade. I am still yet to test the airplay fully and see if its usable and quick.

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