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Airwave, IAP's and mismatches


Hi All,


Running Airwave 7.7.7 with IAP-105's running fw4.0.0.2


I have been struggling to get rid of the "mismatches". Basically the VC reports itself as Good but the two AP's are "mismatched" according to Airwave. When I look at reason I see the below.


What puzzles me is that this does not seem to be something I control via the template? So its almost like the VC is sending its "own" stuff to the AP's.


Anyone seen this before ?


        per-ap-settings 9c:1c:12:c9:08:69
          a-channel 36 0
Actual    a-external-antenna 0
Desired   a-external-antenna
          g-channel 1 0
Actual    g-external-antenna 0
Desired   g-external-antenna
          hostname Dance-Floor
Actual    ip-address ""
Actual    swarm-mode cluster
Actual    uplink-vlan 0
Desired   ip-address ""
Desired   swarm-mode
Desired   uplink-vlan
          wifi0-mode access
          wifi1-mode access





Re: Airwave, IAP's and mismatches

Here is your answer:
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Re: Airwave, IAP's and mismatches

Thanks, that seems to have resolved it.



Re: Airwave, IAP's and mismatches

For purposes of answering here...once you import the config in the group, you need to go to all APs or an individual one and click "Import Settings" under the Manage tab.

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