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Airwave data request

I have a customer that would like to gather some airwave data and process it with a IBM monitoring system. The IBM people are asking for client associations data (below)  ...


AP to Client IP/MAC (associations) in the following format.
- Timestamp AP-ID IP MAC

In their ideal world Airwave would collect all of this data (which I know it does) and then we could generate a report with data or provide them with raw data straight out of airwave. (this is the part I'm not sure about)


If Airwave does not have such a report (I havn't found one yet), is it possible to manually set one up? The only other thought I had was to collect the data straight out of the controller and spit it to a syslog. I have not dug into it to deep yet but looks like I can turn on User/Notice messages and see the following. But not sure the IBM folks are going to like it....


500010 “Station [mac:%m], [ip:%s]: Mobility trail, on switch [switchip:%p], VLAN [vl:%d], AP [apname:%s], [essid:%s]/[bssid:%s]/[phy:%s] “ Description: This is the Mobility trail message, it is generated every time a station moves to a new BSSID. This allows to track a specific station movement in the network over time”

Any other ideas more than welcomed..... post away and get a bunch of Kudo's from me  : )  









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