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Airwave return to support



When I buy support for 1 year for Aiwave and am happy with the software release for several years so I dont renew support for a while. Let's assume after 3 years I want to get the new patches/software updates  - how should I return to support and how is it priced? 


Re: Airwave return to support

In most cases to put something back under support, you have two options.


1. You can backfill the missing years of support. So if you bought 1 year, then went three years without any support, on Year 5 if you need support, you would buy 4 years (3 of the previous and then one for the current year). 

2. You buy a new airwave license for the number of devices you need to match or exceed what you have.


That is pretty standard across the industry, covering servers, networking, software, etc. 

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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